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Martian Empire
Background information
Feature films War of the Worlds saga
Mars Attacks!
Television programs Butt-Ugly Martians
Looney Tunes Series
Video games
Musical Versions Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of the War of the Worlds
Comic Books The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Literatures The War of the Worlds
Other Versions
Political information
Type of Government Imperial Monarchy Government
Type of Team
Head of State Martian General
Martian Chancellor
Commander-in-Chief Martian Ambassador
Martian Spy Girl
Marvin the Martian
Martian Queen
Main Leaders Martian Leader
Emperor Bog
Martian General
God Leaders No God Leaders Known
Executive Branches Martian Senate
Legislative Branches Martian Senate
Martian Elder Council
Judicidal Branches Martian Embassy
Martian Supreme Court
Societal information
National Holidays Invasion Day
Anthems The Invasion will United they Stand
Capitals Mars
Formed From
The Martian Empire is an Evil Governmental Faction was Responsible for the Invasion of Earth. The Three De facto Leaders Known as Emperor Bog, Martian Leader, and Martian General sought to take Place to Obliterate the Human Defenses. So, the Martians have began to Destroy the Humanity Completely, But the Attack was Unstoppable for the Total Extinction, Since the Evil Forces around Planet Mars will finally Destroy the Entire Nation for Eternity.

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