Martian Elders
Martian Elders
Background information
Feature films
Television programs
Video games Jeff Wayne's the War of the Worlds
Musical Versions Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of the War of the Worlds - The New Generation
Comic Books
Other Versions
Physical Information
Full name
Other names Martian Council
Eye Colors Black
Hair Colors
Alignment Evil
Gender Male
Chronological and Political Information
Occupation Elders of the Martian Empire
Affiliations Alien Society
Friends The Martian General
Powers and abilities

The Martian Elders were the Guardians of Mars. They were affiliated with the Martian Empire, and had Numerous Destructive Weapons that Destroys the Human Defenses. In addition, They also have responsible for Invasion on Earth Which Fought as the War Between Human and Martian Soldiers. They're Loyal to all but of Evil Alien Leaders and Chancellors.


The Plan to Invade EarthEdit

As the Martian Elders stated that Mars is No Longer Capable to Sustain Life, The Society has confirm about the Perpetual Conquest and Conflict. Creating the Mechanical Assault Walkers, The Martian Fighting Machine, and their Aerial Assault Crafts the Martian Flying Machines. One of the Martian Elders said: "It is Time on Mars to Thrive again, On earth's Young Unprotected Soil."

Suddenly, The Council alarms that the Reinforcements came in, The Valiant Clone Troopers and Ironhide had to Defeat the Martian Soldiers. The Martian Elders sends the Fighting Machines, Flying Machines, Bombardment Machines and Scouting Machines to Eliminate the Human Resistance, But Commander Shepard attempt to Save the Human Scientists before the Colony was Destroyed by the Brutal Heat-rays.

With the Fierce Enemies defeated, Martian Manhunter Saved as he Becomes the Member of the Justice League, The Martian Elders sought that the Human Forces had Shattered their Command Center. As they wanted to Join Forces with The Separatists and take the Cylindrical Transports and their Battleships to Launch on Earth, The Martians Declared war as they will come on earth Soon.

Inside the Command CenterEdit

All of the Martians had Survived inside the Command Center, The Elders had Spontaneous Situation to Eliminate the Human Forces after the Separatist Alliance already Joined them. The Elders stated that the Assault had Began to Defeat the Reinforcements around the Galaxy. The Martian Elders and their Commanders had to Launch the Assault on Many Worlds, But all were Failed by the Clone Troopers and Sailor Troopers. The Martian Elders confirmed about their Two Participants, Including the Journalist and the Artilleryman. However, Nute Gunray agreed to the Martians and ready to Start the Invasion.

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