Bombardment Machine
Martian Bombardment Machine
General information
Feature Films
Television Programs
Video games Jeff Wayne's the War of the Worlds
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Production Information
Manufacturer Martian Vehicular Yards
Class Walker
Technical Specification
Engine Units
Armaments Heat-ray
Canister Cannon
Crews 1 Martian Pilot
Role Anti-Personnel
Self-Propelled Artillery
Affiliation Martian Empire
The Martian Bombardment Machines, Simply Known as Bombardment Enforcers is a Bipedal Walker armed with Heat-ray and a Canister Cannon. A Bombardment Enforcer that Bombards enemies in the Path. Despite if the Martians had Already knew that the Weapons are Quite Destructive.


Martian Bombardment Machines are Used to attack human forces, It will be armed with Heat-Ray to Destroy Defenses. With the Bombardment Machines are used to Kill any Reinforcements or Destroy some Blockades during the Battlefield.

Bombardment Machines are Participating the Attack During the Battle of Mars, However, These Enforcers Faced the N7 Alliance Gunships during the Battlefield, and they Were Destroyed by Commander Shepard's Forces. Although Bombardment Machines will Continue to Attack in Every Campaign in the Entire Galaxy.


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