Martian Assault Gunship
Martian Assault Gunship
General information
Feature Films
Television Programs
Video games Jeff Wayne's the War of the Worlds
Musical Versions Jeff Wayne's Musical Version of the War of the Worlds - The New Generation
Comic Books
Other Versions
Production Information
Manufacturer Martian Vehicular Yards
Class Gunship
Technical Specification
Engine Units
Armaments Light Heat Ray
Death Beams
Black Smoke
Proton Torpedos
Crews 1 Martian Pilot
Role Starfighter
Affiliation Martian Empire
The Martian Assault Gunship, Informally Known as Martian Flying Machine is a Flying Vehicle and was Armed with Heat Ray. The Assault Gunship had Four Iarge Pods and the Round Hull. Its Attacks are Deadly as Heat Ray to Destroy the Inferior Human Defenses.


The Martians Piloted the Flying Vehicle and Ready To Attack Human Targets. Around through the Sky, The Martian Assault Gunships Have the Ability To Fly. Assault Gunships had a Heat Ray to Destroy Numerous Heroic Military Personnel and Shatters to Pieces. Despite that The Martians had Soar up to attack Human Observer Balloons and Blown away.

Martian Assault Gunships Participate the Conflict during the Wartime, They Used To Attack Numerous Reinforcements and Overwhelmed to Defeat it. Luckily, Assault Gunships had Soar up and Attack Many Starfighters and Aerial Transports, Nothing Now, but it Raged to Numerous Sieges forought its War.


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