Group: Pixie – Level: Mega – Type: Vaccine – Attack Techniques: Kahuna Waves, Smiling Face

MarineAngemon is the Digimon partner of Kenta. The unassuming little creature was created from the power of theShining Digivolution, but it’s not known what Digimon he Digivolved from. He can spit glowing hearts from his mouth that can both vaporise matter and heal injuries, and is able to generate bubbles strong enough to carry multiple humans and Digimon

When Calumon released the light of the Shining Digivolution, MarineAngemon was among the many Mega-level Digimon that were created and converged on the sixth plain of the Digital World. MarineAngemon crash-landed close to Kenta, and took an immediate liking to him, but Kenta picked him up and tossed him up in the air to help him get flying again. However, MarineAngemon somehow snuck into Kenta’s pocket, and emerged, along with a freshly-materialisedD-Power, aboard the ark the kids were using to return home. Kenta was thrilled to discover that he was a Tamer to a Mega Digimon, and wouldn’t even let Kazu touch MarineAngemon.

When the D-Reaper pursued the kids back to Earth, Kenta and MarineAngemon watched on TV as Gallantmon,Sakuyamon and MegaGargomon battled its Agents. The two of them headed for Shinjuku to join in the fight, but when they got there, they had no idea of where to go, until they saw MegaGargomon fly by overhead. The followed him, and ventured into the D-Reaper’s chaos, where MarineAngemon saved Takatoand Guilmon from the Jeri Type Agent by scaring it off with his Kahuna Waves attack, which he then used to heal Sakuyamon.

Kenta and MarineAngemon hung out with everyone else at the temporary Hypnos base, where they were shown the D-Reaper’s original form by Tally andHenry’s father. When it was deduced that Jeri was being held within the Kernel Sphere, Kenta, MarineAngemon, Kazu and Guardromon battled a platoon ofBubbles, while Gallantmon and Beelzemon tried to rescue her. They were sorely outnumbered, however, and were only saved by the timely arrival of Antylamon.

Kenta and MarineAngemon were not seen in Tsukuba with the other Tamers – they were next seen, along with Kazu and Guardromon, in Shinjuku, battling aParatice Head, and being confronted by a police helicopter. They were told they were under arrest, but we did not see how they got out of it. The group then met up with Lopmon, and MarineAngemon carried them all into the D-Reaper’s chaos in one of his bubbles, pulling the other Tamers and their Digimon out in another one, as the Juggernaut devolved the D-Reaper into a harmless state and pulled it back into the Digital World.

Victory didn’t come without its price, however, as the Digimon had to return to the Digital World. MarineAngemon, unlike the others, did not revert to his In-Training form before floating through the portal. However, a portal to the Digital World was later discovered by Takato, enabling MarineAngemon and the other Digimon to be reunited with their partners. When Locomon appeared in Toyko, Kenta and MarineAngemon were shopping for presents for Rika's birthday party that same day, and MarineAngemon saw a news report on Locomon on TV screens. Kenta and MarineAngemon met up with Guardromon, Kazu and Guilmon, and headed towards Ichigaya station - the location of an opening rift between Earth and the Digital World, which Locomon was headed for. On the way, they met up with Henry and Lopmon, and used an abandoned rail car to catch up to Locomon. It was revealed that the evil Parasimon had taken over Locomon's mind and set him on this course, and Gallantmon destroyed him, but not before he sent a signal into the rift that summoned a massive swarm of his kind to Earth. In the ensuing battle, MarineAngemon was able to destroy a few Parasimon with his Kahuna Waves, and then, after Gallantmon Crimson Mode ended the battle by destroying all the Parasimon with one attack, MarineAngemon and Kenta attended Rika's part as planned.

MarineAngemon first appears in “Janyu’s Ark.” He becomes Kenta’s partner in “Homeward Bound.” His voice is supplied by Wendee Lee, except in"Runaway Locomon," where Mona Marshall stands in.

Name: From “marine,” relating to the water, and “angel,” a heavenly being from Christian belief.

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