Group: Exalted Beast – Level: Ultimate – Type: Data - Attack Techniques: Flaming Arrowheads, Vedaka

Majiramon is the dragon Deva, the largest of all the Devas, who carried Makuramon back to the point where the monkey had entered the Digital World and lost his hold on Calumon’s rage. Much to Makuramon’s furious dismay, however, they discovered Calumon had escaped. They searched across the physical plain of the Digital World, looking for him, eventually spying the glowing light ofDigivolution, as Calumon’s powers inadvertently made some Woodmon Digivolve. Calumon fell into a chasm, but the Tamers and their Digimon were also nearby, and Cyberdramon immediately attacked Majiramon. The dragon unleashed his Flaming Arrowheads, bringing Cyberdramon to his knees, then easily fended off attacks from LeomonGrowlmon and GargomonRyo slashed a GoliathModify Card, causing Cyberdramon to grow to a Majiramon’s size, allowing him to grapple with the dragon and crush his head, destroying him.

Majiramon first appears in “Brave New Digital World.” His voice is supplied by Bob Papenbrook.

Name: From Majira, one of the twelve Devas from Sanskrit.

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