Magica De Spell (played by the best voice actress ever, Tress MacNielle) is an Elvira-esque sorceress who comes from the "eye of newt, wing of bat" school of magic. She was doing just fine, using her magic for chaos and ill-conceived bids for power, when suddenly she becomes aware that there is this fellow named Scrooge McDuck. She hears that this fellow attributes his good fortune in aquiring wealth to the very first coin he ever received, his Number One Dime. Of course, Magica is sure a talisman of that magnitude can only increase her power and make her invinceable. Silly or not, she belongs in this category. Her quest for the Number One Dime was as passionate and vague as Gargamel's quest to capture a smurf. Did she ever just hire goons to kidnap Huey Duey and Louie and demand the Dime as ransom? Of course not, Super Villains never do anything that obvious. Instead she tried silly Super Villainous schemes, the best of which being the time she disguised herself as Helen of Troy in an attempt to capture the Magic Harp (and of course the Dime).

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