Planet Krypton
Background information
Feature films Man of Steel
Television programs Smallville
Video games
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Astrographical information
Region Core Worlds
Sectors DC Sector
Systems Corvus System
Suns Rao
Moons N/A
Physical information
Systems Corvus System
Terrains Mountains
Future Cityscape
Surface Waters Artificial Waters
Atmosphere Breathable
Points of Interest
Societal information
Major Cities Fortress of Solitude
Known Species Kryptonians
Affiliations Kryptonian Society
Justice League

Krypton is the Home Planet of Kryptonian Superhero Superman. Once the Planet was ruled by King Jor-El and Queen Lara Lor-Van, and all of Kryptonian Elders, Including the Law Council. The Kryptonian Government had started the War for General Zod's Evil Empire with Supervillains clashes each other Just Before being Destroyed.


Krypton Ruled by Two Royal Kryptonians and the Council which they Ruled the National and Universal Alignment which they stated had all of Remained was this Especially Professional. When Jor-El met his Former Friend turned Evil War General Dru-Zod, Who Explains his Logical Society for the Kryptonian Federal Hordes. Now, the Show must go for the Brilliant Scheme.

When he Met the First Glimpse of Anakin Skywalker, The Kryptonian Council had their Secrets that Maximillian Skywalker Approaching. Meanwhile Dru-Zod approach to Jor-el, When Lara Lor-Van Stated that Zod is a Traitor, Zod Said that we Never going to Win the War against Separatist Alliance, and Nearly Killed a Few Kryptonians before the Battle Starts.

Furiously, General Zod Join Forces with the Martian Empire and Separatist Alliance Which the Battle of Krypton Occured. Jor-El Who Met the LXG Leader Allan Quatermain which the Warfare had Started. The Journalist, The Artilleryman and Carrie join up with Jor-El and Lara Lor-Van with one of Kryptonian law Council Members, Lor-Em to Strike Down Martian Assault Gunships or Flying Machines, and their Scoutships or Flying Scouts, before Destroying Two of Separatist Heavy Cruisers, But One still there.

Anakin Skywalker with the Heroic Armies had Already Evacuated more Kryptonians Including Superheroes, Superman and Supergirl to Become the Alliance of Universe. With The Nation went Extinct, General Zod, Along with Evil Sword of Rao forces, Where Arrested for the Crimes of Murder and High Treason.

When the Trail Started, Lor-Em Talked to Betrayed Kryptonians after Separatist and Martian War for Krypton had Ended, But was Ended Up Cancelled and Completely Destroyed all Cities by Martians, The Heroes along with Kryptonian Species then Force to Retreat when the Subjugator-class Heavy Cruiser's Superlaser Cannon Destroyed Krypton.

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