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Feature films
Television programs
Video games God of War Saga
Musical Versions
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Physical Information
Full name
Other names
Species Demigod
Eye Colors
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Alignment Good
Gender Male
Chronological and Political Information
Occupation God of War Rebel
Affiliations Alliance of Universe
Friends Hercules
Rivals Dark Zeus
Powers and abilities
Weapons Sword of Athens

Kratos is the Brute and the God of War Rebel of the Alliance of Universe. He was responsible for destroying hades' Minions and Mythical Creatures during the Olympus Coliseum War.


Dawn of OlympusEdit

Kratos was Risen from the Gods, and the Great Hero Who unleashed with his Swords, He Met Spartacus, Perseus and Hercules to Met Zeus and Hera, Who Spotted and Overlooked at Shadow Olympus, is Where the Dark Zeus's Homeworld. Kratos not Know Why his plan is to Wipe Out the Dark Gods and Save Mount Olympus. In the Dawn, that his Plan is to Sound the Alarm and All Demigods and Reinforcements to go Counterattack.

The Battle of Shadow OlympusEdit

Gods and Demigods Preserve this Way, Now the Counterattack had Begun, Kratos Defeated numerous Evil Gods and Strikes Down Kronos and his Army, Leading Up to Hades, and Killed them All. With Dark Zeus and Kronos who had a Special Attack, The Martian Machinery had Coming to Kill Kronos, When the Galactic Republic's Clone Troopers attacked the Evil Gods and Martians, Kratos Furiously Attacks Dark Zeus, and Unleashed the Evil Weaponry to Annihilated the Shadow Olympus.

Asajj Ventress Looked at Kronos and Dark Zeus Fighting off Kratos, His Strength looks too Powerful, Asajj join forces with Evil Gods that Led by Kratos' Evil Enemy Demonares. Kratos Finishes them Both, But Pernamentally Survived, and Kratos Destroys Five of the Martian Fighting Machines around the Arena. The Battle of Shadow Olympus is Ultimately Unstoppable, He Met the Shadowy Figure of General Grievous, and the Heroic Team where Doomed. Kratos Furiously Yelled "Our Vengeance Will Be Over, General Grievous!" and Destroy all Evil Gods and Martian Forces in the Process.

Not Long Afterwards, Kratos had his Victory to Perseus and Spartacus, and Becomes the Alliance of Universe Member by Nathan Drake, The Journalist, The Artilleryman, and Panty and Stocking, and the Team that Never be the Same.