Keramon is a main antagonist in Digimon: The Movie, and a minor villain in Digimon Data Squad, and Digimon Xros Wars. Contents[show]AppearanceKeramon is a Rookie Level Digimon that kinda looks like a bug. He has two main hands, and about twelve tenticles. Digimon: The MovieWhen a Digi-egg hatched due to a computer virus he eventually Digivolved into Keramon. All Keramon wanted to do was to eat computer data to become stronger. When Agumon and Tentomon attacked Keramon attacked back. Agumon and Tentomon Digivolved into Greymon and Kabutiermon just to take out Keramon. Keramon then Digivolved into his Ultimate form Infermon, and easily got defeated, MetalGreymon and MegaKabutiermon before they finished their Digivolution. He eventually Digivoled into Diaboromon. Digimon Data SquadWhen DATS were about to arrest Neon, a Keramon that's much larger than a normal Keramon appeared to help him. Keramon was used to alter the data in the pop charts. This caused Neon to become more famous than the other Pop Singers, and was the true reason why Yoshi decided to date Neon. During the fight with the Data Squad, Keramon digivolved into a large Chrysalimon. Digimon Xros WarsWhen Gumdramon encountered a Tsumemon, it eventually digivolved into Keramon, and attacked the city. It fought Arrestdramon and Astamon and was able to last a while. Eventually Keramon digivolved into Chrysalimon and proved to be even stronger. AttacksBug BlasterNetwork FlappingCrazy giggle

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