Kat from Gravity Rush
Background information
Feature films
Television programs
Video games Gravity Rush
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Physical Information
Full name
Other names
Species Human
Eye Colors Red
Hair Colors Blonde
Alignment Good
Gender Female
Chronological and Political Information
Occupation Gravity Queen
Affiliations Alliance of Universe
Powers and abilities

Kat is a Gravity Queen who had Her Flying Ability to take the Gravitational Walk and Glide to Her Path. She also met her Friend Raven, Met her Arch Rival, Yunica, and Later had her Gravitational Feline Pet, Dusty.


Training with ZephyrEdit

When Kat Approach to Zephyr Shields to her City, and Teaches how to Take the Gravitational Movement through Buildings, Skyscrapers, and Towns. Although The Journalist Should have Recruited along With the Artilleryman and Carrie, Their Clone Troopers, and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and Many More of them which why Did Kat had her Ability to take a Tournament.

Kat and her Friends also met Raven to take the ability of Drones to Defeat them, But was Eventually Cut off by the Three of the Clone Commanders, Rex, Bly and Cody. When Kat also met her Friend turned Rival, Yunica which how to take her Final Lesson, The Invasion that terrorized Hekseville. With Yunica Releases the Martians and Separatists to Attack the Heroic Federation, But All Were Destroyed by Kratos, Kat, Crystella Amidala, and Her Army.

With the Gravity Training ends, Kat was Already Sign the Treaty to the Heroic Federation, Which they will Persuade the Evil Troops of CIS and Martian Empire around the entire City.

Hekseville InvasionEdit

After the Training had already Ended, Kat mysteriously looked at the Portal and Nevi had Coming. Under President Coriolanus Snow's Orders, Nevi Emerged from the Portal and Attacked People around in Places, Including Auldnoir, Pleajeune, Endestria, and Vendecentre. President Snow Announced that the Civilization of Hekseville will fall forever and unite over Panem for the Hunger Games event, But Kat Refused to Go on the event. Cyanea, Raven and their Friends had Joined Kat to Defeat the Relentless invaders.

The Martians and Separatists Released both Heartless and Nevi, But Raven Swoops on, Cutting Down one of the Snow's Soldiers. Instantly, Kat had Joined Yunica to Prevent the Menace to Save Hekseville, Thanks to Kratos, and Destroys the Artillery Cannons and Infantry around Four Places. With the Help of Yunica and Raven, Kat and Cyanea finally Liberates the City, Destroying the Evil Armies, Saving the People, and Thus the city was safe at last.

Kat stated to Cyanea, that President Snow had begin to Destroy the Entire Nation.

The Gravity Queen's FollyEdit

Long after Hekseville had Restored back to Normal, and Alias had Survived from his Demise during the Battle. Kat approaches to Yunica, revealed that they had a Few Casualties in Battle of Hekseville. Kat and Raven are crazy that they look Confused about her. Sadly, Yunica had no Choice to defeat Snow to rule the Planet. A Folly that was, Kat had to fly with Dusty to run up to clock tower, Realizing that they were safe, but a Few were Injured.

Anakin Skywalker had the only way to Yunica in order to Put to an end of the Hunger Games, Under the Orders of Katniss and Primrose Everdeen. Noticing that Snow had located Somewhere in Malastare were the Martians had Landed. Kat Returns to the Command Center inside the Venator Star Destroyer, Take orders to Anakin, Xenon and Zephyr to Launch the Counterattack to Defeat the Separatist and Martians orbiting near the Planet.

Battle of MalastareEdit

The Three Leaders land to Malastare and save their alien people lived here, Kat recons that the Martians had Protected the Defense base and President Snow located inside. A Few Martian Xeno-Telepaths had Hypnotize Clone Troopers and Raven had to Decapitate the Mad Five legged Tripod. Kat shifts up to Destroy the Martian Self-Propelled Heavy Heat-Ray and the armor was Strong, Instead Katniss infiltrate inside and launched an Arrow to Kill the Martian, then uses Grenade to Destroy the Machine and Escape.

The Four Monsters had eliminated, Kat and Raven Attempt to come inside the Defense base, Burst out of the Door and Realized that President Snow was Gone, Instead the Martian Ambassador had Returned. Kat and Raven then Kicked the Martian Coward off the Defense Base and was later snatched by Martian Tempest, Forcing to Retreat and Yunica destroys the Last Surviving Martian Fighting Machine and then Malastare had once again Peace through Hope.

Kat and Raven wondered at Yunica, Realized that the Martian Ambassador had Escaped to Communicate President Snow to Contact the Infantry to Destroy the Rebels around Panem.

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