Kali is the main antagonist of the 2011 nature documentary African Cats.

Biography Edit

Kali is a powerful and combative lion who leads the group of lions north of the river.

Kali and one of his sons take advantage of a river so they can cross and begin their assault on the River pride. They head towards the southern territory. Fang, upon seeing them approaching, runs for his life, but Layla doesn′t back away – knowing that Mara could be killed should the assault succeed, she fearlessly attacks the rivals. Soon, the other lionesses, inspired by Layla′s courage, join in the fight. Kali and his son are defeated, and return to the northern territory empty-handed.

Kali is strong, and shows them that he's the boss and that only he will wear the crown. Together, they are the most powerful force in the land. They return for another assault. Upon seeing them, Fang runs, never to be seen or heard from again – if he is to ever return again, he′ll be shown no mercy.

Kali takes over the pride and exiles Fang′s cubs, including Mara – now a young adult. Her male cousins are seen as the number one threat to Kali and his sons, so they hunt them down.

The lionesses refuse to admit Kali as their leader, the wound of losing their cubs still far too fresh in their minds.

Kali still reigns supreme on both sides of the river, and that Fang is still missing.

Trivia Edit

  • Kali has four sons at his side of his own pride.

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