"I'm saying things got out of hand. Maybe they did take advantage of her! Maybe the sad truth is, this is not the city for innocence. No charges were brought. And the bottom line is, Rena Reynolds wouldn't play by the rules. You wanna get ahead in Hollywood, you gotta play the game, or go home."
—John Milton.

John Milton

Portrayed by Lance Henriksen
Location Hollywood
Occupation Film producer
Family Roman Bridger (Possible Son, deceased)
Status Deceased
Appearance(s) Scream 3

John Milton was the producer behind the Stab series. He was killed by his possible son, Roman Bridger.

Milton was the ninth and final character to fall victim in the third Ghostface killing spree. 

History Edit

Background Edit

John Milton was a Hollywood horror movie producer. Young actress Rina Reynolds (the stage name of Maureen Prescott) was the star of three of his horror films. In order to keep on getting good roles, Rina, as well as some of Milton's other actresses, had to do what Milton referred to as "dirty work". At one of his parties, designed for actresses to do so, some of his friends (and more than likely Milton himself, too) "took advantage" of Rina. She gave birth to Roman Bridger, who she then put up for adoption. Rina left Hollywood, because of what Milton had done to her. No charges were presse, and Milton went on with his life, until the studio came to him to produce Stab. While working on the film, which was related to the death of Maureen, he realized, that he had known Maureen Prescott, when she was a young actress. However, he feared the press that would come, if anyone found out that he had ruined Maureen's life, so he kept quiet. Eventually he became Roman's mentor in filmmaking, unaware that Roman was possibly his son.

Scream 3 Edit

Milton produced Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro in 2000, which was directed by Roman. He was eventually confronted about his past by Gale Weathers and Jennifer Jolie. He implicitly admitted to them, what he had done to Maureen. He reveals then, that if he told anyone else, that he knew Maureen now that his film cast was being killed off, it would just make him look suspicious. They are disgusted by Milton once they hear this.

Roman killed several people during a party at Milton's mansion and faked his death to further indue suspicion and tied Milton up, making him appear as if he was absent, because he was the killer. After unmasking himself as Ghostface and revealing his past to Sidney, Roman pulls Milton out of a closet and tells her, that he is the one to blame forMaureen Prescott's rape, as it happened right in Milton's mansion, meaning that Milton could have been responsible for the rape. Roman explains that Maureen never recovered from the rape and became a "slut". Roman then tells Sidney, that he has used his voice changer to imitate Sidney's voice and recorded a message on Milton's answering machine, telling him, that she is going to "make him pay". Milton desperately attempts to reason with Roman, promising him money, and even higher positions on the film and a "final cut". Roman laughs at his attempts and says "I already have it" before slashing his throat, killing him.

Films Produced Edit

  • Amazombies
  • Space Psycho
  • Creatures of The San Andreas Fault
  • Weredad
  • Stab
  • Stab 2
  • Stab 3: Return to Woodsboro (Cancelled production)

Original Death Edit

In Milton's original death scene, he argued with Ghostface over the phone while he was waiting for an elevator at his office, claiming that Stab 3 was a "piece of shit" with a "no-talent director" and the "lousiest Sidney Prescott". He then threatened to track down the killer and have him killed before claiming that he intended to do a drama film for his next movie with director John Sayles. However, in this version he never got his chance because as soon as the elevator opened, Ghostface dragged him inside, slit his throat and disemboweled him.

His death was inspired by Randy Meeks, and it is likely that his death was scrapped so he could remain a suspect for longer and also avoid ripping off the previous film too heavily. In this scene, Milton insulted both the original killers, Roman and Angelina. It is possible that either killed him in the original version.

Behind the Scenes Edit

  • He was described as "a creepy fifty-something with penetrating eyes and a menacing demeanor" in the script.
  • Milton is named after author and poet John Milton, who's Paradise Lost portrayed Eve's fall from grace, just as this character seduced Maureen Prescott.
  • The events of the original trilogy can all be traced to Milton's actions with Maureen Prescott, who was the first victim of Ghostface.
  • Roman Bridger blamed Milton for Maureen Prescott's rape. This has caused speculation and rumors about John Milton being Roman's biological father. However, since it was hinted that Milton and his friends gang raped her, there's no real definitive proof. 

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