Jaws the Shark
Background information
Feature films Jaws Film Series
Television programs
Video games Jaws Unleashed
Jaws: Ultimate Predator
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Physical Information
Full name
Other names
Species Great White Shark
Eye Colors Black
Hair Colors
Alignment Bad
Gender Male
Chronological and Political Information
Occupation Sea Monster
Affiliations Unknown
Powers and abilities

The Grim, Sinister Sea Monster who Terrorized Amity Island and Responsible for killing and eating all Civilians itself. Jaws is the Great White Shark who Seeks Justice, Vengeance, and to Destroy the Fleet of Ships that they Brought. Its Goal is To take on the High Seas and attempt to Kill Chief Brody and his Friends.


Seeking to Kill CiviliansEdit

A Shark was Wandering in the High Seas, Dispatched by Riff Tamson in the Shipwrecks and to Hunt the Civilians that lived in Amity Park. As it Grew Larger, So did the Might of the Actions of the Swimmers. A Shark had launched a Minions of Hammerhead Sharks and Kill them in the Process.

The Shark had to Run to Separatist Undersea Specialist Riff Tamson and takes control to Morgiane Le Fey to Destroy Chief Brody and His Friends. Fortunately, The Shark had to Reach Amity island and began to form a huge power enough to trigger tidal waves. With the War between humans and sharks awaited, The battle of amity park has just the beginning.

After calling the Galactic Republic, The Shark summoning the Shark Possessed Water-based tornadoes to defeat every humans in Boats and Yachts. When Zephyr Shields helps Chief Martin Brody to Defeat the Shark, He said: "Reinforcements that need a Bigger boat." in order to Destroy it.

Amity Island under siegeEdit

As the Shark was commenced to attack Brody by the orders of Riff Tamson, Kratos hides Athena and Pandora without being killed by a School of Sharks. As Morgiane Le Fey will unleash the Stormy Skies and started to Destroy the Civilization. The Martians' Heat-ray Strikes as the Shark arrives, One of the Martian Elders said: "Rise up, Jaws! The Society Depends on you!" Brody Escapes and Jaws the Shark awaken its path.

As Marianne Noisette to Order the Authority that take control on Amity Island, The Reinforcements came to Defeat the beast. Kratos attempt to Defeat Poseidon in his Normal form whilst Chief Brody also attempt to Defeat this Shark. The Artilleryman Shoots down one of the Hammerhead Shark's Eyes and Then retreat up to the Roof.

Jaws the Shark had Roared fiercely as Morgiane Le Fey Cowardly Drained the energy to all individuals which affiliate the Heroic Federation, With the Exception of Chief Brody. He manage to call them that we need a Cannon over her weak spot.

Final StandEdit

In the Final Stand, The Shark had to Evade brody's Gunshots, The Sovereignty and the Thoughts of Hope that affected Brody's Triumphant life straight to the Republic Heavy Artillery Cannon to Destroy Morgiane Le Fey and the Shark army to extinct, Brody Furiously announcing: "Smile you Son of a-...!" Destroying her and the Martian Fighting Machines and Flying Machines Blasted into Oblivion. The Shark was Destroyed once and for all, Zephyr and his Army are revived, and the War for Amity Island was finally over.

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