Jason Voorhees
Jason Voorhees
Background information
Feature films Friday the 13th Series
Television programs
Video games
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Physical Information
Full name
Other names
Species Human
Eye Colors Red
Hair Colors Black
Alignment Evil
Gender Male
Chronological and Political Information
Occupation Assassin
Affiliations Dark Universal Empire
Powers and abilities

Jason Voorhees is a Legendary Serial Killer of the Crystal Lake. His Goal is to Kill everyone in his path, A Skillful Sword is used to Destroy all individuals what's left of them among the Human Soldiers and other allies.



Before the Birth of a Creature, Jason Voorhees was once a Legend, a killer, nor an Apprentice. As told by the Journalist, The Origin of the Killer was Unknown.

Jason Voorhees, was born deformed. He lived with his mother at Camp Crystal Lake, in the city of Crystal Lake. Jason was bullied incessantly until, in 1957, he tried to prove to the bullies that he could swim and drowned in Crystal Lake.

One year later, two of the Camp Crystal Lake counselors were murdered and the camp was shut down. Future attempts to reopen the camp were plagued with problems, including poisoned water supplies, and unexplained fires.

In 1980, eight new counselors planned to reopen the camp, but ultimately all but one of the new counselors were murdered. The killer is ultimately revealed to be Pamela Voorhees. Pamela is then beheaded by the only survivor, Alice.

The very next year, Alice is murdered by an unseen killer in her home. Five years after Alice's murder, a group of counselors return to Camp Crystal Lake for training, and all but 2 are killed. The killer turns out to be Jason Voorhees. Full grown and seemingly indestructible, Jason kills to avenge his mother's death and to carry on her quest to keep the camp closed.

In each new incarnation, Jason returns to be an unstoppable killer, only to be "killed" then later resurrected for years in the entire horror film franchise.

Creation of an enemyEdit

Over many years later, Jason was found by Pamela Voorhees, in order to reform him into a legendary Serial Killer. Maleficent Agreed to him vows to kill the remaining humans lived in Camp Crystal lake. When Chucky granted a wish to receive a superhuman strength to destroy them, Notably Alice, Nancy Thompson and all of what remained.

Jason tells that the plot to take revenge on them, and begin to destroy those who were encountered.

War of the HorrorsEdit

Jason Voorhees took over as a Combatant during the Battle of the Crystal Lake to push back against human marines, only to be killed or wounded by Queen Beryl and Pamela Voorhees. One of the Martian Handling Machines snatch the Human Soldier and taken to the martians, When the Cenobites agreed to Angela Franklin, Freddy Krueger and Norman bytes, Jason and his allied leaders forward to elm street.

He Took place in Elm Street, whilst Battle Droids and the Martians began to obliterate them to desolate pieces. Jason Voorhees faced against Alice, noting that she revived from the dead. When Zephyr Shields arrive to Face them both, including him and Pinhead. When the Martian Fighting Machines attempt to kill Alice again, Sailor Mini Moon destroy it and capture it to fend off against battle droids, Saving her and her allies to the peaceful kingdom. By the war ends, Jason and his Warriors retreat from the Battleship and vows to take justice and revenge.

When Maximillian Skywalker calls Pamela Voorhees to locate Ghostface on Woodsbro. Krueger still agree to him and catch an unstoppable menace to recruit an army of darkness itself. Then next is Leatherface which sparked the Texas Chainsaw Conquest, However, Jason found him and preparing to the final battle, With the help of Cyrille Le Paradox, Time Travelling to Caveman "Bob" Cooper's Homeworld, But...

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