former monstrous master of Seymour  Andros and the StowawayIn a jungle on the planet Tirna, a small red alien (later given the name "Seymour") with fishlike fins on the sides of his head and a white orb dangling off an extension on his head ran giggling through a jungle as the monster Jakarak pursued him.Jakarak, a purple monster with similar blue head fins and a dangling yellow orb, frustratedly told the small creature to stop playing games and to come out.On Jakarak's stomach was a cluster of black polygonal edges with white lines, like Ecliptor's body but with white lines rather than green.Seymour scurried away, then hid in some bushes, trembling.Finding Red Ranger with Seymour, Jakarak assumed Andros was trying to steal his servant; he fought Andros until being blasted, causing him to retreat with gold energy streaks.Once Andros had flown off, Jakarak roared in the distance, causing Seymour to scurry away and ultimately stow away on the Megaship.On the Dark Fortress, Astronema entered from her quarters to meet with Jakarak, as he'd requested.Jakarak introduced himself and told her the Rangers had kidnapped his servant and he needed her help getting him back.To demonstrate his powers, Jakarak shot a yellow energy beam from his orb, turning a Quantron into stone.Fighting the Rangers on Earth after he'd turned two citizens stone, Jakarak could teleport-dodge.In the park, Jakarak found the now-adult Seymour and planned to take him back with him.Although he was impressed at how Seymour had grown, Jakarak said he could still crush Seymour if he had to.Andros flew Seymour to safety, infuriating Jakarak.Soon, Jakarak attacked again as Andros and Seymour talked in an industrial area.During the fight, Red Ranger jumped in for a double-kick, but his feet and lower legs were turned to stone by the monster.Seymour returned worriedly shortly after having been led away by Andros, and Jakarak used a red energy ray from his stomach to capture Seymour, with only Seymour's head then sticking out of his stomach.When the Rangers shot at a weak point between Jakarak's eyes, as indicated by Ashley's scanners, the monster fell, and Andros's legs returned to normal.Purple energy streaks from Seymour's tentacle blasted the Rangers.Unable to get close, Andros told Seymour he was strong now and urged him to try to beat Jakarak, at which point Seymour teleported out as red energy.As Andros was stomped on the ground, Seymour grabbed Jakarak but was thrown back, twice; angry, Seymour shot his own purple energy streaks at Jakarak.In return, Jakarak bombarded Seymour with gold energy streaks from all over his body, making Seymour collapse.Andros used the Battlizer chop and punch on Jakarak, but the Satellasers then enlarged him.Jakarak turned the Astro Megazord Shield and the Megazord's left forearm to stone, but the Delta Megazord shot the tentacle right off his forehead, returning the Astro Megazord to normal.The Astro Delta Megazord's flying power punches destroyed Jakarak.

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