Ivy Peterson is beautiful,sensual young barmaid (sometimes music hall singer) that Dr. Jekyll rescued from an attacker a week before his experiments. When he turns into Hyde, he meets Ivy again at the music hall and she does not recognize him as Jekyll, but becomes frightened of him. Hyde promises Ivy that he will give her wealth and made her into his mistress. When Hyde eventually finds out that Ivy only loves Dr. Jekyll, he beats and forces himself on her.

Later Jekyll realizes he has terrrorized Ivy, so he sends her £50 annoymously . She begs him to save her from Hyde, and he gives his word that she will never see him again. But later, on his way to the Carews, Jekyll turns into Hyde without the potion and murders Ivy over jealousy of the kind doctor. Ivy only appears in two version of Dr. Jekyll and Hyde (1931 and 1941), but she doesn't appear in Robert Stevenson novel. Similar characters exist in other adaptations, including Miss Gina in the 1920 silent film, and another Ivy in the modern day "Jekyll and Hyde, Together Again".

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