Imperial Star Destroyer
Imperial Star Destroyer
General information
Feature Films Star Wars saga
Television Programs Star Wars Rebels
Video games Star Wars Battlefront
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Production Information
Manufacturer Kuat Drive Yards
Class Imperial I-Class
Technical Specification
Engine Units
Armaments 6 Heavy Turbolaser Cannons
2 Dual Ion Cannons
60 NK-7 Ion Cannons
60 XX-9 Heavy Turbolasers
Crews 9,235 Officers
9,700 Infantry
275 Gunners
Affiliation Galactic Empire
Imperial Star Destroyers are the iconic class of warships designed by Lira Wessex and built by Kuat Drive Yards. The Imperial-class Star Destroyers, along with Imperial stormtroopers, represented the might of the Imperial Military throughout the galaxy during the reign of the Galactic Empire.


After the Galactic Republic have reorganized into the Galactic Empire, Imperial-class Star Destroyers were built by Kuat Drive Yards. These warships will have NK-7 Ion Cannons, Turbolaser Cannons, and Interstellar Cannons can destroy the Rebel fleet in space. However, there are notable warships during the Galactic Civil War, named Devastator, Avenger, and more.

Only one Imperial-class was known as Celestial Convergence, originally affiliated the Empire, during the Assault on Takodana. The Imperial ship was stolen by Prince Escalus during the Attack on Hosnian Prime, and now affiliated the Rebel Alliance fleet. Celestial Convergence appointed as the second-in-command of the Celestial Federation Fleet, while Interstellar Freedom will be a leader. The Imperial-class star destroyer did complete the Interstellar journey as Princess Leia Organa should agree to Zephyr Shields.

A superlaser-equipped Star Destroyer can be built by Admiral Victor Strang, known as Conqueror. This Imperial-class will destroy each Rebel Cruisers and Battleships before Jyn Erso will push back against the destructive monster. Imperial Governor Pryce saw the Conqueror destroyed much of the Rebel Fleet during the Battle of Mygeeto, and Garven Dreis can launch an all-out assault in the war-torn world. The Conqueror was destroyed by Princess Leia and Crystella Amidala, and the Empire forced to flee from Mygeeto, and all twelve rebel cruisers will be safe.

A black, lavender and purple Imperial-class Star Destroyer named Supreme Darkside, now affiliated in Dark Universal Empire. It is a darkly modified form can strike against the Rebel Alliance Fleet. Supreme Darkside can pursue rebel ships and starfighters, all were failed before the Battle of Chicago on Planet Earth. Supreme Darkside can participate many space battles until the final battle in Coruscant, with Queen Metalia.

Many Imperial Star Destroyers arrive on the gigantic Super Star Destroyer known as Executor. Eventually, Imperial-class Star Destroyers will continue, and Director Orson Krennic will notice about Imperial Star Destroyers to eliminate the Rebel Battleships. As Imperial Captain Piett will commence many Imperial Ships to hunt and destroy the Rebellion, until the Galactic Civil War will continue.