Hypnos is an organization that features in the cartoon Digimon.

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History Edit

Hypnos was a government agency that was tasked originally with monitoring electronic communications of half of the Earth as a SIGINT system for the Japanese government. Due to its role in violating privacy, its existence was kept secret from the public allowing it to operate with impunity. During their activities, Hypnos discovered the existence of virtual entities that were intelligent and alive that they referred to as "Wild Ones" (Digimon). This discovery greatly changed the organization's goals who began to watch for signs of these Digimon Bio-Emerging into the real world and prevent such incidents. Any Digimon that did manage to cross over into the real world were targeted for capture and study. In addition, Hypnos was tasked with preventing any media leak or information on the existence of the Digimon leading to cover-ups and cover stories. At some point, Mitsuo Yamako became the head of the Hypnos organization who made it his goal in exterminating the Digimon.

Overview Edit

There were a number of programs created by the organization that included:

  • Yuggoth : this involved a blast of virtual energy whereby a Digimon was locked and struck by the program with the goal of deleting it.
  • Juggernaut/Shaggai : the most powerful weapon in the organization's arsenal whereby a digital vortex was created designed to draw all data into it whereupon it was destroyed.
  • Ark Program : with the Monster Makers help that allowed for transportation between the real world and the Digital World.

Members Edit

  •   :

Notes Edit

  • In Greek mythology, Hypnos was the god of sleep.

Appearances Edit

  • Digimon:

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