Heather MacLeod is a fictional character from the universe of Highlandermovies, portrayed by actress Beatie Edney.

Heather MacLeod is one of four characters from the Highlander universe to appear in both movie and television continuity (the others being Connor MacLeod, Duncan MacLeod, and Rachel Ellenstein).

History[edit] Edit

Daughter to a blacksmith named Angus MacDonald, Heather married Connor MacLeod in 1537. For some time in 1541, Immortal Juan Sanchez Villa-Lobos Ramirez lived with them to train Connor for The Game.

One night, while Connor was absent, she witnessed Ramirez's death at the hands of another Immortal, The Kurgan. After the Quickening, The Kurgan raped Heather but she kept this a secret from Connor. In 1555, Connor was warned that his mother, Caiolin MacLeod, was to be killed by the Clan MacLeod. Heather expressed her disapproval to Connor's clansmen, not understanding why they could not leave Connor alone.

She sometimes suffered because she grew older while Connor did not. One night she cut a piece of hair and gave it to Connor saying that at least that piece of hair would not grow old. She never bore any children and died in 1590. She asked Connor to light a candle and remember her on her birthday, which he did.

Appearances[edit] Edit

Movies - Highlander, Highlander: Endgame

Minor appearances- Highlander II: The Quickening (painting), Highlander III: The Sorcerer (voice)

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