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Heartless Infantry
The Heartless is one of Factions of the Dark Universal Empire's Military Personnel. They are beings of darkness that manifest in two forms, "Pureblood" and "Emblem". While most Heartless are in fact manifested hearts, they behave entirely devoid of emotion, and thus were named themselves.


Pureblood HeartlessEdit

  • Shadow
  • Neoshadow
  • Darkball
  • Invisible
  • Bit Sniper
  • Possessor
  • Darkside
  • Shadow Stalker
  • Dark Thorn
  • Dark Hide

Emblem HeartlessEdit

  • Soldier
  • Commander
  • Lieutenant
  • Air Soldier
  • Air Commander
  • Air Lieutenant
  • Large Body
  • Red Nocturne
  • Blue Rhapsody
  • Yellow Opera
  • Green Requiem
  • Spring Metal
  • Grape Jam
  • Indigo Wave
  • Teal Electropop
  • Cherry Philharmonic
  • Magenta Ballet
  • Gold Gospel
  • Wizard
  • Bookmaster
  • Defender
  • Lance Soldier
  • Armored Knight
  • Armored Commander
  • Morning Star
  • Surveillance Robot
  • Cyborg Converter
  • Cyborg Soldier
  • Guard Armor
  • Assault Armor
  • Opposite Armor
  • Behemoth


  • Shadow Fighting Machine
  • Fort Walker
  • Dark Handling Escort


  • Orbital Destroyer
  • Dark Gunship
  • Dark Interceptor
  • Dark Scoutship
  • Pureblood Attack Cruiser
  • Pureblood Warship

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