Haruna Sakurada
Haruna Sakurada
Background information
Feature films
Television programs Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon Crystal
Video games
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Physical Information
Full name
Other names Miss Patricia Haruna (DiC dub)
Mistress Sakurada
Lady Sakurada (by King Lear and others)
Species Human
Eye Colors Hazel
Hair Colors Auburn
Alignment Good
Gender Female
Chronological and Political Information
Occupation Teacher of the Juban Municipal Junior High
Affiliations Celestial Federation of the Universe
Friends Sailor Moon
Rivals Senator Amethyst
Powers and abilities

Haruna Sakurada is a teacher of Juuban Municipal Junior High School, where Usagi Tsukino attends in the class. In that moment, she concerned as a friend of Sailor Moon and her people of Silver Millennium to spoke each students about math, reading, and the rest as history. Haruna fears that Queen Beryl's darkest threat looms into Tokyo, where the conquest starts again to fight back again. She amongst other inhabitants to evade from the dark soldiers until Sailor Moon manage to regain peace, and freedom against the darkness.

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