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Grifforzar (グリフォーザー Gurifōzā?) is a lion-faced, griffin-themed knight who wields the Grifocaliber IV sword and can fly with the help of his retractable wings. He is also Lamie's husband. Grifforzar was mute, until Lamie came along (he saved his voice for her to hear). Despite being mute, he was still capable of giving commands to his soldiers with his vicious personality. He had a frequent rivalry with Tyranno Ranger. He is violent and possesses amazing strength. He is a dangerous opponent as evident by being able to outlast and defeat Daizyuzin. Even alone, he proved to be more than a match for the Zyurangers in their early battles. He had a son with Lamie towards the end of the series, which Bandora adored. Unlike the others, he is much less vicious than his fellow lackies. Unlike most Sentai field commanders that died at the hands of the Red Ranger, he was just sealed off.

Grifforzar is initially voiced by Yoshimitsu Chida (千田義正 Chida Yoshimitsu?) and later by Kan Tokumaru (徳丸 完 Tokumaru Kan?).

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