Gluto (voiced by Neil Kaplan) is a minor, mafioso-themed, mutant criminal who joins the service of Ransik when he is saved from stasis by the arrival of the villain's forces. He appears to be a sort of frog or fish/whale-like mutant. He aids Ransik in the 21st Century, serving as the dumb muscle of the mutant army. A running gag throughout the series is his crush on Ransik's daughter, Nadira, and his attempts to win her affection; he would always be promptly rejected. Gluto later finds the hideout of Frax and brings in Ransik to collect him. During the final assault on the city, Gluto decides to freeze himself inside the prison where he was unwilling to stick around for whatever might happen.His name is most likely derived from glutton or gluttony, considering his obesity. Gluto had the ability to use his flatulence to propel himself into the air. Gluto is also known to be a coward at times.NOTE: In Timeranger, Gluto's Japanese equivalent is the main villain of the series.

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