General Thade is an Ape General that Seeks Revenge for the Planet of the Apes. He was Descended from Above the Jungle to Deploy Evil Ape Forces for Insignificant Reason.


Evil Ape QuestEdit

When General Thade Overwhelmed other apes, He Managed to Fight off Other Ape Generals and Leaving the Planet of the Apes Alone. Just Then, Thade Was Later Found by Clayton, Which was Tarzan's Arch Nemesis. General Thade, Clayton and Mesogog had the Quest to Lure the Gorillas off the Jungle, and King Kong, With Tarzan himself. However, Many More of Gorillas was Freed on Skull Island, and Destroys the Blockade in the Process.

Suddenly, Thade manage to Release Vastatosaurus Rex to Kill Tarzan and King Kong... But it Was Overwhelmed, and Was Defeated, Mesogog and Clayton Targeting the Heroes and Jack Driscoll, and Carl Denham, Which Rescued Ann Darrow from Clayton's Deadly Traps. Thade again Manage to Shoot Down Jack Driscoll, But was ultimately Defeated by Zephyr Shields.

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