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Dark Universal Empire
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Galvatron Prime is a True Form of Megatron. His Mighty Powers are known match to Destroy the Autobot Troopers. He was Known as the Emperor of Destruction, and the Dark Lord of the Decepticons itself. Galvatron Prime which was Cruel and Menacingly to all Decepticon Forces is to Straight Up to Dark Universal Empire Which he Rise and Fro around the Entire Globe.



In the End of Battle of Australia, Megatron Faced against Optimus Prime in its Destructive Battle. After Optimus Defeated Megatron, He Forced to Retreat and Become his True Form of Himself. After Returning to Xenonaira inbounds to the Universe, Megatron Simply safe, and Unleashes Dark Energon to Xenon to Become Galvatron, While Xenon becomes Xeno-Morpheus Skywalker.

The PlotEdit

Galvatron Himself To Join Forces with General Veers to Land on Dagobah, While the Decepticon Reinforcements had Going in Various Planets throughout the Nation. Galvatron sits on a Throne on Cybertron to Become the Leader of the Decepticon, after the Assignment confirm the Next Role.

Galvatron Who had Join up With many Key Leaders of the Dark Universal Empire to attack on Earth, Martians, Separatists, Imperials, and More of evil Forces had begun to Swarm on Space Stations and Planets. Galvatron who become a Rank of the Prime after that, Galvatron Said that the Primes are Born, Not Made. Though Optimus Do have all of Primes. When The Plot begins that all will fight against the Civilization.

The Revenge of the DecepticonsEdit

When Galvatron Unleash to Use umbrakinetic Technology to Release Negativitron to Destroy the Fleet of the Heroic Federation Starships, Thousands of Starfighters Attacked them, Though Sora calls the Alliance to Defeat Both of them. When Sackboy Prominently Launch the Cannon fire to Destroy Negativitron, Blasted apart. and Galvatron Swore to take Revenge on Optimus Prime and all of What Remained of Heroes in Space, Later they Falls into Dagobah. Galvatron then again Retreat with Other Decepticons and Evil Aliens that they Were Examined another Plan.

Rescue of Alpha TrionEdit

As Zorro and all of his Heroes encounter Alpha Trion, Trapped in Autobase, However, The Autobots had Manage to Free him and Few Autobot Soldiers. In the Fourth Battle of Cybertron, The Martian Fighting Machines Striding in Cybertronian Lands, Cutting off the town as though they were Metal. Galvatron approaches to Optimus Prime, Sora and all of Heroic Leaders Waged them against him.

As though the Intense Final Stand of Cybertron marked the Rescue of Alpha Trion and all of Autobots, Soundwave was Assassinated, and A Few of Martians Slain after Galvatron and Xenon Forced to Retreat, and Headed Straight to Earth.

The Final ConflictEdit

In the Final Battle of one of Japan's Cities, Tokyo, Galvatron Participating in Tokyo Tower to Unleash the Dark Energy to Destroy the Universe, and Everything of Time and Space, as they Travelled where Xenon and Galvatron planned to start their global takeover. Sustained that He Vows to Attack All The Heroic Federation Forces and Headed to a Juuban District.

As Zephyr Becomes Leader of the Rebel Alliance and Heroic Federation Strikes down against his Brother Xenon Asuka, Who is Now Xeno-Morpheus, Attacks all of Heroic Forces, Though Superheroes and Supervillains Defeats Each other and then Xeno-Morpheus gives his Final Blow to Zephyr, Galvatron Usurpers Xeno-Morpheus and Evil Forces, Destroying the Umbrakinetic Technology and Saving the Universe.

Galvatron With Zephyr Finally Defeats Xeno-Morpheus, He Says "Now, We need the Truce... All of Remained was this, Quant Quiet... Who Wouldn't Be Without Me, Optimus Prime?" Though Optimus Said "Time to Find Out!" and Finally Gushed up His Arm, Smashing His Body and Ripping the Whole Body apart, Killing the Decepticon Emperor of Destruction, in the Process, Once and For All.

After all of Evil leaders of Dark Universal Empire was Destroyed and the Universe was Saved, Xeno-Morpheus Unleashed the Shadows of the Dark Universal Empire, Optimus takes Galvatron's Corpse and Uses Fusion Cannon to Shoot Down against him and Rapidly Destroyed Dark Energon. Although Xeno-Morpheus Stated that it Will Lead to the Dark Era of the Universe leads to The Final Battle.

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