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Welcome to Galactic Starfield Power, One of the Crossover Wikis in the entire Society. Their Sites also Have Heroes Alliance Wiki, Legends of the Multi-Universe, and a Lot of Crossover Histories and Roleplays in the entire world.

Please Do NOT Use Plagiarisms, Trolling, and Cyberbulling in this Wiki, No Infestations, No Excuses.

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The Galactic Starfield Power Wiki is the Collaborative Guide to tells the story of the Intergalactic Federation of the Universe, facing against the evil forces of the Dark Universal Empire. It will be a comprehensive database focus all characters, vehicles, events, and many things. It starts with two prequels, Future Miracle Wars and After Galactic Conquests, straight to the original Galactic Starfield Power. It'll be a Sci-fi action, romance, comedy, and adventure yet.

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