"King? Did I say 'king'? ...Maybe not the best choice of words."

Farley Claymore is a character from the 1994 film, The Shadow, and is portrayed by Tim Curry. Initially working Crazyfarley

Farley Claymore

with Dr. Reinhardt Lane (Ian McKellen), he is revealed to be working with Shiwan Khan with the hope of coming into power if he succeeded. However, this brings him into conflict with the Shadow, eventually leading to his death by psychic-assisted suicide.

He first appears arguing with Dr. Lane, insisting that their project, a self-restoring generator, be studied for potential military purposes. When Lane insists that he'd rather use it for energy research, he leaves in disgust.

A few days later, the Shadow tracks him down, having learned from Margo Lane (Dr. Lane's daughter) that Farley was working on one of the parts needed for Shiwan's proto-atom bomb. Unfortunately, it turns out to be a trap - Farley shoots him and leaves him in one of the pressure testing chambers to drown.

Afterwards, he returns to the Hotel Monolith, where Shiwan chastises him for his boasting and sets him to work with Dr. Lane. However, when the Shadow shows up again, he is sent with a few of Shiwan's other men to kill him, but chooses to hide in the hotel ballroom. This does not protect him, though, as the Shadow catches up to him, drives him mad with his psychic powers, and tricks him into jumping through a stained glass window to his apparent death.

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