"I spy some Power Rangers!"Eye Guy was created by Finster in order to capture Billy's young friend, Willie, so that Rita could absorb Willie's intellegence. Using his detachable main eye, he succeeded in doing so, sending Willie to the Eternal Vortex (a dimension inside the main eye itself), and he was soon challenged by the Power Rangers. Eye Guy's bizzare powers overwhelmed the Rangers until Billy slipped away and destroyed the main eye with a thrust of his Power Lance, nearly causing Eye Guy to explode. Eye Guy grew to giant size and battled the MegaZord, but was destroyed by the Zord's Power Sword. Eye Guy later appeared on the Island of Illusion as a hallucination of the Rangers', in an attempt to frighten them with previously fallen foes. When the Rangers stood their ground, however, Eye Guy disappeared. Later on, Eye Guy was resurrected by Finster to battle the Rangers within the Specter Theater. Attending Rita and Zedd's wedding, Eye Guy brought a spider as a gift for Lord Zedd, to serve either as a pet or light snack. In the ensuing battle royale against the Thunder Zords, Eye Guy was destroyed by the White TigerZord's Tigerbolt. Eye Guy was later seen in the Machine Empire's army on the Phantom Ranger's home planet, where he was presumably vaporized by Zordon's energy wave. Eye Guy was last spotted in the Shadow World as Queen Bansheera attempted to open it.

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