Evelyn is a shy, quiet woman and Stanley's one-time date. She owns a dog called Esmeralda who is just as shy as she is. Stanley meets her in Edge City Bank and after some encouraging from Charlie he asks her to come to his apartment. Initially unsure, she goes to Stanley's apartment, but the date doesn't go as planned. Evelyn accidentally puts the mask on and becomes Eve, the first female Mask of the show.Once the mask was on Eve dragged Stanley out on a 'romantic' date to the coco Bongo were she whipped him about the dance floor until Pretorius captured him. Eve saves Stanley, but he grabs the mask off, and Evelyn faints. Evelyn wore the mask in Bride of Pretorius, which was also her only appearance. Mask PersonaEditEve is almost the exact opposite of Evelyn. Dressed like a sterotypical vamp with her alluring red dress, dark eyeshadow and red lipstick, She is confident and uninhibited and not afraid to show people how she feels, as shown when she declares she is madly in love with Stanley despite knowing him for a short amount of time (even at one point shifting into the wolf from the 'red hot riding hood' cartoons like Stanley Mask persona sometimes does). She is highly amerous and makes several highly suggestive comments and actions while on their date, such as the lustful panting while looking like the wolf, forcing Stanleys head into her chest and so on. She is fiercely protective of him and goes on the offensive when Pretorius kidnaps him.However as it would later turn out Evelyn has gained some of the qualities of her Mask persona after rescueing Stanley from danger. Gaining confidence to raise her voice above a whipser and yell at Pretorious while delcaring her love for Stanley.

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