Eleventh Doctor
Eleventh Doctor
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Eleventh Doctor is one of the Many Doctors ever to the Doctor Who Nations. Eleventh Doctor is A Hero that Sought to Destroy the Cybermen and all of enemies of Cybus. His Plan is also to Defeat his Rival, The Master.


Gallifrey SiegeEdit

As the Planet Gallifrey is Under attack by the Cybus Reinforcements which was led by Emperor Dalek and Davros. He Sought to Call S.O.S. Signal to the Galactic Republic led by Anakin Skywalker, and the Heroic Federation also led by Zephyr Shields and his Brother Xenon Asuka. When the Trio landed, The Cyber-lord emerges from the Dead Building, and begin to attack Four of the Individuals. But the Cyber-lord ended up, failed to assassinate them and leaving Gallifrey Alone.

When the Eleventh Doctor already know that the Great Soldier who sought as a Hero. Anakin met the Doctor to Go on for the Republic.

Recruits to the Galactic RepublicEdit

In the Flagship of the Republic, Anakin Recruited the Colonial Marines, Clone Troopers, And Sailor Troopers after the Crystal Tokyo Siege, The Doctor will Serve as a Highly advanced Time-lord to invent many Time Machines, Which Doc Brown already Invented.

Some Recruits had ready for the First time to Defeat the Master and The Cybus infantry, The Cybermen. In which Marianne Noisette, Sought to Take the Time of Joy, The Secret attack is to Suspend animation to all evil Forces of the Dark Universal Empire. The Doctor had to come on to one of the Guardians, North, Which makes them Naughty, Although the Deal for the Recruitment has Completed in order to Defeat Maximillian Skywalker.

Honor Among TerrorEdit

At this time, The Doctor Really confirm the army of the republic to Defeat the evil General Zod's Reign of Terror. However, He Must stop the Cybermen, Cyber-lord, Davros and The Master from threatning the Civilization of Earth and all of Planets throughout the Nation.

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