Ebenezer Scrooge was an an unpopular, grumpy, elderly British male human. He was a banker, and a usurious moneylender. He worked at a counting house. He was disgusted by the poor, and praised workhouses. And he hated Christmas! Scrooge lived at 45 Lime Street, London.

Scrooge once had a sister named Fran, who had died. However, she had left one son, who was called Fred.

During the night before Christmas, 1843, Scrooge was visited by four spirits, who showed him that he hadn't always been so miserable, that he should love Christmas, and that his actions have massive consequences, and if he didn't change his ways, it would be all the worse for him!

Ever since that night, Scrooge has been the most wonderful person. He was always merry, and always cheerful.