Dragontron is a powerful Zord from Time Force. Created by Frax after leaving Ransik, he intended to use it to conquer Earth in the past. It was too powerful for the Rangers in the Shadow Force Megazord in their first battle (under the command of Alex), but was driven off when the Q-Rex entered the battled. During the second battle, the Time Force Megazord Mode Blue battled it, trying to get a clean shot at its power core (its one weak spot) while the Time Shadow Megazord distracted it, but Frax's siphon drained them of energy. After the siphon was destroyed and now under the command of Wes, the Rangers battled Dragontron with the Megazord in Mode Red. When the Q-Rex joined the fight, the Rangers had the Megazord jump on its back, ride the Q-Rex to Dragontron and once it was close enough, jump over Dragontron while the Q-Rex distracted it with its lasers. With the Megazord behind Dragontron, it was able to stab Dragontron in the power core with its sword before Dragontron could react, destroying Dragontron. Dragontron's body had it's artillery removed and given the head of one of the Gatekeepers where it appeared in "Boom" as one of the patron's at Piggy's cafe.

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