Dr. Spam is a villain in the comic book franchise Monica's Gang. He is an evil alter-ego of the computer technician Dr. Spada, who after being accidentally hit his head on the computer turned into Dr. Spam, a supervillain with cyber powers.

History Edit

Dr. Spam was originally technical gentle Dr. Spada, who worked doing maintenance on computers in the Limoeiro neighborhood. One day he is called to install a file in the home of Monica, while this Jimmy Five provokes Monica, and she furiously tries to hit it with his stuffed bunny the shooting with much force, however Jimmy Five deviates and the rabbit ends up hitting the Spada launching into the computer.

To pour out of him he changes appearance and turns into Dr. Spam, a cyber villain who tries to dominate the world by starting to kidnap the children of the neighborhood by teleporting computers. When all seemed over Bloguinho, the computer genius boy in the gang discovers that his friends have been captured, that he finds a way to defeat Dr. Spam installing an anti-virus on the Monica's  computer doing the villain back to his normal form.

Even after his defeat Dr. spam arrives to return in several other episodes, sometimes coming to ally withCaptain Fray and other enemies of Smudge, despite him being a villain Monica and Jimmy Five.

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