Decepticon Aerial Fighters
Decepticon Fighter Crafts
General information
Feature Films Transformers Live-Action Film Series
Television Programs
Video games
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Production Information
Manufacturer Cybertronian Vehicular Yards
Class Starfighter
Technical Specification
Engine Units
Armaments Vaporizing Cannon
Cluster cannons
Crews 1 Decepticon Pilot
Role Aerial Assault
Space Assault
Affiliation Decepticons
The Decepticon Orbital Fighter Craft is a Decepticon Assault Gunship that patrolling the Galaxy and they uses weapons to take down Autobot Starfighters.


The Decepticon Ships that Contain Three Variants of the Assault Craft.

One is the Small Version consist of two smaller mobile engines, with a closed cockpit in front, and a single, fixed, gun emplacement. These craft also have small wings.

The Second is the Medium Version that has a larger body and mobile engine pods. It also has two more mobile weapons appendages. The whole can also be reconfigured for different attack modes.

And third is a Large Version, It was shorter, wider and more rounded appearance than the other two and has six, smaller engines but they are not movable like those of the smaller versions and have fixed gun emplacements.

All Three Models of the Orbital Assault Craft of the Decepticon Ships will Took on the Battles of the Universe and the Nations, That Which are used by Megatron (Later Galvatron) and the Decepticon Troops. Decepticon Assault Gunships that are Capable to attack the Big Autobot Assault Fighters and Attack Shuttles in the Living Planet of Cybertron.

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