Dane is the main protagonist turned main antagonist in the movie, The Final.

See also: The Torturers.

History Edit

Dane was a boy who was bullied every day in the school, along with his friends, he planned a party where all the bullies of the school would go, but he knew that if the bullies know that he was there, the plan would fail,then he put a mask, after some minutes in the party,he drug every body in the party with a sleep aid in the juice, and changed the mask and put a gas mask, after all the bullies woke up, he began to torture almost every body along with his friends, after some minutes, he was betrayed by one of his friends, and killed his own friend, after this, the rest of the group realize that Dane was no longer the same anymore, after hours in the party, Dane revealed his identity to the bullies, making the bullies asking forgiveness, hours later, he is killed by Emily.

Really evil? Edit

As seen in the film, he is just a normal student who is trying to be respected with non-violent actions, however, as the movie proceeds, he abuses his own "power" and becomes a bully himself. And even kills his own friend when he discovers that he was trying to help a good/regular student escape.

After this action, Dane crosses the Moral Event Horizon and becomes a true villain.

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