Damian is a minor villain in the original Pokemon anime.HistoryDamianAnimarsAdded by AnimarsHe owned a Charmander that was too weak, so he abandoned it and left it on a rock. Brock yelled at Damian and demanded him to reclaim Charmander because it might die in the rain. Damian refused and attempted to battle Ash until Nurse Joy broke up the fight, saying that using Pokemon to settle arguments is wrong. Angrily, Damian and his crew left.  After Charmander defeated Team Rocket, Damian returned to take Charmander back, impressed by its power, and said that he didn't have to go through all the trouble raising Charmander himself. Damian ordered Charmander to return, but Charmander refused and wanted to join Ash and Co., and smacked the Pokeball back at Damian. Enraged, Damian attempted to attack the group with his other Pokemon, but Charmander and Pikachu defeated him with a combination of fire and electricity. Then Damian, all burnt up, ran away, never to be seen again.

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