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Cui is one of Frieza's henchmen, and his third strongest soldier, not counting the Ginyu Force or Abo and Kado. He is a purple skinned, fish-like alien who is shown to be Vegeta's rival for a time.

Dragon Ball Z Edit

Cui was responsible for the invasion and destruction of the Invisible Spaceship people's home planet, nearly killing Zetian's second in command, Bon.

On Planet Frieza, Cui told Vegeta that Frieza was on Planet Namek. Shortly after Vegeta left, Cui received the order from Frieza to kill Vegeta, so he arrived on Namek to kill him. He tracked down Vegeta, who waited patiently for him. Initially Cui was equal to that of Vegeta, but after recovering from a recent battle, Vegeta was stronger than Cui, with a power level of 24 thousand. Cui tried to trick Vegeta by saying Frieza was behind him and blasted him, but Vegeta avoided the attack with his increased speed. Cui attempted to run, but Vegeta caught up to him and punched him into the air. He then destroyed him, blowing him up in a fireworks style attack.

Frieza commented on Cui's death by saying he never liked him much anyways.

Other Appearances Edit

Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn Edit

Cui is one of the villains who escapes from hell, but is defeated by Gohan.

Forms Edit

Time Breaker Edit

In Dragon Ball Online, Cui is aided by the Time Breakers and transformed into a much more powerful form, he is eventually defeated by the heroes.

Trivia Edit

  • At least two other Frieza soldiers of Cui's race appeared in the anime; on Planet Frieza, one of them liked the idea of Frieza being dead, and was killed on the orders of the other, who was loyal to Frieza. He was killed when the computer, trying to scan Super Saiyan Goku's power level, exploded, blowing up Planet Frieza's main building.
    • A third member appeared as a scout of Cooler, in Budokai 3.

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