The Confederacy of Independent Systems is one of the factions of the Star Wars Universe. It is a confederate organization which was ruled by Separatist leader and Sith Lord, Count Dooku. As the Separatist forces can be developed by Geonosian worker just before completely created Battle Droids, Super Battle Droids, and several reinforcements in order to attack against the Grand Army of the Republic.


The Confederacy of Independent Systems was Born by The Three De facto Rulers after the Galactic Republic Slew them Away. Five Years later, The Separatist Droid Army, and a Whole Fleet of Starships as well as Reinforcements First Created, Noted that Trade Federation was already Merged. General Grievous Himself, Becoming a General to Take the First Plot to Go on Coruscant and Celestalia, and Begun for the First Senate Tournament for Xenon Asuka.

When the Republic won the Democratic Tournament, CIS was Defeated, Maximillian Skywalker had Join Forces with Count Dooku to Take an attack of The Military Resistance and Federal Government Faction. Maximillian Skywalker, Leader of the Dark Universal Empire, and an Evil Brother of Anakin Skywalker Saw the Battle Fleet to be Destroyed, For the Actions of the Republic, The Separatists was Defeated, But the General will continue to Survive on the Universal Sieges.

By the Days of the Martian Empire's Merger, The Martian General and the Elders met Nute Gunray to Join forces with them. Both the Martian Empire and the Confederacy of Independent Systems Battle against the Galactic Republic and the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, as Well as Alliance of Universe, Clashed each Other. Forought moments before Going on a Pursuit of the Army of Clone Troopers attack, The Separatists and Martians Beaten again.

The Martian Empire and Confederacy of Independent Systems once again attacks the Republic marked the Last Stand of Dark Zeus in Neo-Tokyo, Where Akira Resides. Then Again on The Galaxy Massing Near Naboo, Sally and VIKI strikes again against the Republic, Just Before Order 66 Was Revealed. With the Destruction of the Galactic Republic, They Reorganized into the Evil Imperial Government, The Galactic Empire. But the Separatist Alliance and the Martian Empire had Join Forces with The Galactic Empire to Defeat Rebel Alliance, and All of Heroic Factions in Every Sieges.