Coelamon is an Ancient Fish Digimon whose name and design are derived from the coelacanth (Latimeria chalumnae). It possesses gigantic talons and a hard outer skin. When the Computer Network was being repaired after being disrupted by a malicious hacker, this Digimon was discovered in the Net Ocean, and as its body structure is extremely primitive, it has fins that have developed like hands and feet. Based on this fact, it is conjectured that primeval Digimon that originated in the Net Ocean experienced many evolutions and took on terrestrial forms, and increased their numbers into various strains.Digimon Adventure 02EditCrabmon was seen as the partner of an Australian DigiDestined named Derek. He helped Armadillomon and Ikkakumon drive off a Gesomon, Shellmon and Ebidramon that was seen chasing him and Derek. Later on, he was seen during the final battle against MaloMyotismon. He digivolved to Coelamon to help Zudomon and Submarimon fight a Scorpiomon, who was guarding a Control Spire. Role in UltimaEditIn Ultima, Derek's Crabmon was kidnapped by the Devimon and Bakemon hordes controlled by Myotismon Prime, taken to the Org's Castle, and shackled with a Dark Spiral to control and forcibly digivolve him into Coelamon. Now, he is just one of thousands of identical Coelamon seaman units that serve in the Deep Savers Navy of the Org's D-Minion Army. Coelamon was cloned hundreds of times by MetalSeadramon and Technus' deranged experiments, resulting in units that are the natural digivolution of Crabmon, Betamon, and Syakomon. They will further digivolve with certain mutagens and/or proper training into Scorpiomon or MegaSeadramon. A DNA-Digivolution with Seadramon will create a Megadramon, while a Jogress with Dolphmon results in Divermon units. Attacks Fossil Bite (Variable Darts): Falls upon the opponent with its gigantic talons.Ancient BiteBite (かみつき Kamitsuki?)Iron Scale

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