For a long time, this doll was nothing more than a Jason-wannabe, a poor man's Freddy. He did his movies, killed lots of dumbass victims, but he had no respect. Indeed, he's been in some embarrassing situations, like that whole kid's military school thing and the endless plot holes and storylines that make no sense.

But beyond the Child's Play sequels and their shortcomings, Chucky himself is clearly a Mofo to be reckoned with. His unassuming form spells trouble for those not familiar with the exploits of Charles Lee Ray in his otherworldly form, and since he usually finds himself with children, the possibilities are even more frightening.

However, there's just a few too many negatives in the way of Chucky being one of the top Mofos. His size and lack of power are big ones. He is evil and he is crazy, but trapped in the form of a bad Good Guy shorter than the majority of his victims, he is indeed cursed.

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