Choobo is one of the Lieutenants of Lothor's forcesand a recurring villain in the Power Ragers: Ninja Storm series. He is portyaed by Bruce Hopkins. A plan he devised against the Rangers got him promoted to General, but after the plan failed, he was not only demoted, but exiled. Angry at the Rangers, he tried to destroy them on his own, but he was defeated.Choobo eventually returned to Lothor's army. He was last seen on the space fortress shortly before it self-destructed.

Choobo devised a plan to steal an ancient scroll that would give him powers and he could finally seek revenge. He was defeated by the rangers and shrunken to the size of a doll where he was kept as a pet by Marah, Lothor's neice. He was later turned back to regular size by Lothor on accident.

Defeat and Death Edit

During the Final battle between Lothor and the Rangers, Choobo was defeated by the Red Ranger Shane. Though it is unclear whether he was truly destroyed. It is, however, concluded that he was killed after being seen on Lothors Space fortress shortly before it self-destructed.

Choobo's last episode was "Storm before the Calm"

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