Background information
Feature films Fantasia
Television programs
Video games
Musical Versions
Comic Books
Other Versions
Physical Information
Full name
Other names Gargoyle God (by Kratos)
Demonic Warlord (by Jor-el and Archdeacon)
Species Demon
Eye Colors Yellow
Hair Colors
Gender Male
Chronological and Political Information
Occupation Lord of Bald Mountain
Affiliations Dark Universal Empire
Powers and abilities Demonic Powers
Dark Abilities as well as Demons and Evil Beings can turn into The Souls of the Damned

Chernabog is the All Powerful Demonic Denizen of the Bald Mountain. He was a Dark God that Spell casting all Demons and Spirits to Prepare for his Creation of Walpurgis Night.


A Night on Bald MountainEdit

In the Dark Night, Chernabog erupts from the mountain and summons an army of demons and Evil Beings. He ensues with his devilish antics at night, to Turn the Damnations of Evil, Including Devils into Hellish Inferno until church bells ringing "Ave Maria" cast him away in the morning, However, Chernabog Retreats from the Sun, But he will always Survived.

The Battle on the IceEdit

At the Dawn of President Snow's Evil Climax, Chernabog and the Firebird awakens in order to Extinct all Species. The Galactic Republic Forces, had to Surrender Chernabog, But Snow had began to Take the Next Segment in the Symphony of Sorcery. Every Harmonies will Prevail as Chernabog ignores the Republic Weaponsmiths as Well as Spellcasting Technologies. Both Chernabog and the Firebird takes the Battle on the Darkness. Prove them Wrong.

Zephyr, Xenon and Anakin had alarmed the Dark Spellcasting threats, as Obi-wan contacts Damien, Janis ian's Ally to Go on the Counterattack after Archdeacon, Jor-El and Ultra Magnus had Ordered him to Defeat them Both. When Cady Heron allied with Sailor Troopers, While Aayla Secura also allied with Clone Troopers to Annihilate them and Restore the Entire Harmonic Portal.

In the Intense Battle, Chernabog and the Firebird has summoned the Martian Forces, under Martian Elders and General's Order, while Separatist Alliance Forces also Ordered by Nute Gunray which they can Overwhelm the Army. As the Spring Sprite being Saved from Melting Extinction, Thanks to Elsa the Snow Queen, as Firebird turned into Dying Frozen Statue. With Angered Moments, Chernabog Roars as the Clone Troopers and Sailor Troopers Unleashed the Cannons To Defeat the Dark Lord, and Finally Returns from the Weaponsfire, But he will Really Survive.

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