In a city where all the villains were out of business, the only sheriff in town made a big mistake by letting one back in.

Captain Amazing committed a gross error in judgment when he arranged to have the superevil Casanova Frankenstein let out of the nuthouse. Soon enough, the Cas was up to no good and had the upper hand on the Captain and his dear Champion City. His plan was to use some kind of mindbending machine to, well, do something really evil to the city and its fair citizens. It's hard to tell what his exact plans were; he was, of course, insane.

Anyway, in the end, it took a band of misfit superhero-wannabes to defeat Frankenstein, and even then their team still didn't have a name. While this is embarassing to a supermofo like Casanova Frankenstein, he should take solace in the fact that it took seven of them to take on one of him. And now there's one less disco fan in the world. *weep*

INTELLIGENCE - 9: His strongest asset, he was able to do a great deal of research in the asylum where he stayed for 20 years.

POWER - 5: Physically mediocre; relies on his gangs to do most of the tough stuff, but seems to enjoy fisticuffs quite a bit.

VILENESS - 7: Wants to take control of Champion City and will kill everyone to accomplish his goal.

SWAY - 8: Very charming. However, in 20 years, he was never able to convince anyone to let him out of the nuthouse.

PURITY - 7: Definitely insane, but he seems to enjoy disco more than terrorizing people.

PHYSICAL - 3: The scariest thing about the Cas' appearance is his sad devotion to the wardrobe of the '70s.

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