The Bunkum Alliance is a Heroic team was first created by Queen Pinky Buflooms. It Took place in Bunkum, Whilst Carnivalian Union and the Alliance still on control to Defeat the Titans.

Pinky Buflooms is a fiery tempered queen of Bunkum Lagoon. She ruled the imagisphere to waited against El Jeff and Hildur to stop Newton's forces, She given the hatred against Newton Pud.

Marlon Random is a Motion Picture Star of Manglewood. He lived alongside Felicia Harlow, Coach Rock, Irene Audley, and Gustavo Roman to take on the crypts, Where Oddsock lived.

Papal Mache is the Chief of the Ziggurat. He tells the history of Toggle who gains their power to destroy enemies and breaking obstacles. He joined Dr. Maxim and Miss Elena to see the Creativity had expanded all over Bunkum.

Newton Pud is a silly bowler-hatted individual who was a son of Captain Pud and Nana Pud. His plans that never to release the titans. Newton felt that he onboard the airship to take top secret mission briefing to fight back against the Negativitron.

Captain Edward Pud is the inventor, and the Explorer of Needlepoint Peaks and Stitchem Headquarters. He can see around the world with officers that waited for his son, Newton.

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