Bookala is a kind-hearted extra terrestrial being who resembles a Japanese kabuki dancer that crashed in Angel Grove and speaks in an unorganized English grammar. He crash landed in Angel Grove, where his ship was picked up by Billy, Adam and Aisha. He was being pursued across the galaxy by Lord Zedd because Bookala's ship is powered by a rare lightning diamond which could give Serpentera an infinite power source, thus making it invincible. It is from a planet of the same name. When inside its ship, it is the size of a doll and even looks like one but can grow to full size when holding the diamond. Bookala is very intelligent and tries to imitate others to learn there language. It snows on Bookala as well. The rangers created a fake Bookala and Lightning Diamond to distract Zedd while the real Bookala and diamond went back into space and escaped. Zedd realized this when the fake diamond fried in Serpentera's power grid. Enraged, Zedd turned the fake Bookala into an evil version of the original. Shortly before departing, Bookala made it snow in Angel Grove after hearing Billy's comment that it didn't snow there.

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