Anton Zeck is a master thief working for Steranko who will mutate into Bebop.

History Edit

At some point in his acquaintance with Steranko, Zeck shot the Russian crime boss in the eye-supposedly by accident-resulting in Steranko adopting his trademark diamond eye. Steranko later offered Zeck a chance to make up for this error by stealing the Kuro Kabuto, helmet of the Shredder, so that Steranko could add it to his collection of artifacts. Zeck successfully broke into the Shredder's lair and stole the helmet despite running afoul of Rahzar and several Foot-Bots, but while invisible was hit by the Shellraiser. The Turtles got Zeck's bag and the helmet, but Zeck managed to plant a tracker on the Shellraiser and later knocked it over with a bomb.

Zeck avoided getting involved in the fight between the Turtles and Shredder's mutants, but in attempting to retrieve the helmet from Leonardo was soundly defeated. Leo returned his bag, but damage from the night's adventures left Zeck unable to cloak himself. He was rescued by Steranko, but then discovered that Leo had taken from the helmet from his bag and replaced it with diapers taken from a city dumpster.

Appearance Edit

As a human: Bebop  has a Tron-like suit. He has a purple visor and mohawk. He is also really skinny.

As a mutant: Bebop looks pretty much the same. But he is now a mutant warthog and wears a vest.

Personality Edit

He normally talks in rap and body movements.He also tends to show how slick he is when he steals and enters areas where he is supposed to steal something.

Powers Edit

He is equipped with a range of high-tech gizmos such as a cloaking device, an energy Mohawk and a backpack that can allow him to slide up or down a wall.His invisibility suit is charged by 2 double A batteries.

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