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Battle of Port Royal
Battle of Port Royal

Dream Eaters Conquest




Port Royal, and Tortuga


Alliance of Universe and Spirit Dream Eaters victory

  • Heroic Federation
    • Alliance of Universe
  • Dark Universal Empire
    • Dark Alliance

Iron Man
Nick Fury
Will Turner
Adi Gallia
Luminara Unduli
Barriss Offee
Captain Jack Sparrow

Davy Jones
Nute Gunray


Captain Barbossa
Mr. Gibbs
Pintel and Ragetti

Wat Tambor
Captain Firmius Piett

  • Many of Pirates
  • Spirit Dream Eaters
    • 200 Meow Wows
    • 200 Komory Bats
    • 300 Kooma Pandas
    • 25 Necho Cats
    • 400 Ryu Dragons
    • 255 Eagliders
    • 100 Cyber Yogs
    • 340 Tatsu Steeds
  • Many of Evil ETIC Soldiers
  • Many of Davy Jones' Crew
  • Nightmare Dream Eaters
    • 300 Kooma Pandas
    • 250 Tyranto Rexes
    • 50 Cyber Yogs
    • 100 Lord Kyroos
    • 200 Toximanders
    • 10 Char Clawbsters
    • 10 Chill Clawbsters
  • CIS
    • 2,000 Droid Tri-Fighters
    • 100 Octuptarra Magna Tri-Droids
    • 100 Crab Droids
    • 55 Recusant-class Light Destroyers
    • 5 Providence-class Carrier/Destroyers
  • Alien Society
    • 10 Martian Fighting Machines
    • 5 Martian Handling Machines
    • 20 Martian Assault Gunships
  • Over 35 Pirates killed
  • All of ETIC and Flying Dutchman Infantry Slain
  • Martian Fighting Machines Damaged or Destroyed
The Battle of Port Royal is one of the Conquests of Dream Eaters Campaign. When the Dream Eaters must Destroy Numerous Enemies around Port Royal, Jack Sparrow manages to alert all commands and used all cannons to shoot down the blockade. Numerous Battleships approach to Port Royal and the Alliance of Universe must Destroy ETIC Forces and Scattered into Nothingness.

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