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Battle of Kamino
Kamino Battle

Conquest of the Dream Eaters




Tipoca City, Kamino


Alliance of Universe Victory

  • Heroic Federation of the Galaxy
    • Alliance of Universe
      • Jedi Order
  • Dark Universal Empire
    • Dark Alliance
    • Nightmare Dream Eaters

Rahm Kota
Mon Mothma
Lina Inverse
Captain Kirk

Nightmare King
Emperor Palpatine


Juno Eclipse

Captain Piett

  • Rebel Alliance
    • 1,000 Rebel Soldiers
    • 1,000 Rebel Vanguards
    • 1,000 Rebel Marines
    • 1,000 Rebel Pilots
    • Several X-Wings
    • Several Y-Wings
    • Several B-Wings
    • Several A-Wings
    • Few of Rebel Medium Transports
    • 3 Nebulon B-Frigates
  • Spirit Dream Eaters
    • 50 Ryu Dragons
    • 200 Eagliders
    • 200 Halbirds
    • 100 Kooma Pandas
    • 100 Tyranto Rexes
  • Confederacy of Independent Systems
    • 100 Battle Droids
    • 100 Super Battle Droids
    • 50 Separatist Landing Crafts
    • 5 Separatist Heavy Cruisers
    • 10 Providence-class Cruisers
    • 10 Recusant-class Light Destroyers
  • Galactic Empire
    • Many of Stormtroopers
    • 100 Novatroopers
    • 100 Sith Acolytes
    • 100 Sith Guards
    • Several Imperial Star Destroyers
    • At Least 5 Imperial Star Dreadnoughts
  • Nightmare Dream Eaters
    • 200 Eagliders
    • 110 Halbirds
    • 15 Queen Buzzerflies
    • 15 Commantises
    • 100 Kooma Pandas
    • 100 Ryu Dragons
    • 100 Toximanders
  • Salvation Destroyed
  • Few of Spirit Dream Eaters destroyed
  • 2 Imperial Star Dreadnoughts
  • 3 Separatist Heavy Cruisers
  • Nightmare Dream Eaters Destroyed
The Battle of Kamino is one of the Conflicts of the Dream Eaters Conquest. In a desperate move to galvanize their fledgling rebellion, the Alliance to Restore the Republic launched a full-scale attack against a key target in the Galactic Empire and the Confederacy of Independent Systems—on tipoca City. Sora with the Spirit Dream Eaters clashes with Nightmare Dream Eaters, and Rahm Kota must Stop the Hostile Enemies before approaching to Save Kaminoans and Ko Sai. But the Nightmare King angerly Roared at Sora, but Palpatine is Mechanically Transformed into Robotic Warlord. But Sora must Defeat the Robotic Sith Lord before Nightmare King's Evil Conquest will be over.

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