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Battle of Holy Britannian Empire
Britannian Empire Battle

Dark Universal-Heroic Federation Wars




Holy Britannian Empire

  • Britannia and Heroes Victory
    • Death of Jeremiah Gottwald
    • Imperial and Separatist forces Destroyed

Heroic Federation

Dark Universal Empire


Shinn Asuka
Setsuna F. Seiei
Kallen Stadtfeld
Sukaru Kuruagi

Jeremiah Gottwald


Nunnally Lamperouge

Wat Tambor
Asajj Ventress

  • Rebel Alliance
    • 1,000 Rebel Soldiers
    • 1,000 Rebel Vanguards
    • 1,000 Rebel Marksmen
    • 1,000 Rebel Pilots
    • Many of X-Wings
    • Many of A-Wings
    • Many of Naboo Starfighters
  • Mecha Infantry
  • Galactic Empire
    • 1,000 Stormtroopers
    • 1,000 Scout Troopers
    • 1,000 Imperial AAT Tanks
    • 500 Imperial Heavy Missile Platforms
    • Several AT-ST
    • Several AT-AT
  • CIS
    • Several Battle Droids
    • Many Super Battle Droids
    • 100 Droidekas
    • Tactical Droids
    • Many of Separatist AATs
    • Many of Homing Spider Droids
    • Many of Octuptarra magna Tri-Droids

few of Britannian Forces slain Moderate Loses

All of Separatist and Imperial Forces Destroyed

The Battle of Holy Britannian Empire is a Battlefield Campaign during the War. The Last Commander is Kallen Stadtfeld, A Female Pilot is seen Fighting against enemies. By that generation, Kallen, Shinn, and Setsuna fight back against Imperial and Separatist Forces and save the Nation. With the evil forces Slain, Kallen and her friends must defeat Jeremiah Gottwald and Retrieved Nunnally Lamperouge.

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